Aerotec Engines warrants each engine overhaul to be free from defects in material and workmanship appearing within four (4) years from its date of first operation or 500 hours, whichever comes first. The first 2 years/500 hours full, then pro rated for an additional 2 years.

This date must not exceed 4 years from the date of shipment from Aerotec Engines Limited. Upon expiration of the two-year warranty, there is an additional prorated warranty coverage based on the engines manufacturer’s recommended time between overhaul. This is calculated based on 40 Hrs./month or actual engine time depending on which is greater.

Aerotec Engines Limited reserves the right to deny any warranty claim that we reasonably determine has been subjected to accident, misuse, improper installation, or has been adjusted, altered, handled, maintained, repaired or stored other than as described in the applicable technical instructions.

Aerotec Engines must be notified before any part/engine is removed for warranty. All warranty work will be performed by Aerotec Engines Limited or someone authorized by them. No liability will be assumed for special, consequential, or any other damages caused by or associated with the failure of any part/unit other than the cost of repairing and returning the unit to service.

Warranty Application Form