Titan™ Experimental Engines

Get the best of both worlds, a factory new engine built and tested by Aerotec

Continental offers a range of Titan™ engines that can be ordered and built at Aerotec Engines to your specifications. Choose from 4-cylinder engines in the range of 150–205 HP, and 6-cylinders from 260–270 HP.

Prices start at $25,400.00 to $46,200.00 USD depending on model and preferences.

  • Titan™ X320 Experimental Engine Series
  • Titan™ X340 Experimental Engine Series
  • Titan™ X360 Experimental Engine Series
  • Titan™ X370 Experimental Engine Series
  • Titan™ X540 Experimental Engine Series

Within each of these engine series you can also select multiple options for enhanced durability, reliability and safety, including nickel silicon carbide (NiC3) electroplated cylinder barrels for extended protection against corrosion and abnormal wear.

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Titan™ Engine performance Specifications

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