Engine Upgrades

When your engine is at Aerotec one of the best times for an upgrade in performance is during repair or overhaul. Below is a number of TCCA and FAA approved STCs that we recommend.

RAM Aircraft 160hp

For Cessna 172 Models I, J, K, L, & M  with a Lycoming O-320-E2D or Piper Cherokee Models PA-28-140 & PA-28-151 with a Lycoming O-320-E3D or O-320-E2A.

Simply add the RAM 160 STC to your overhaul and enjoy the benefits of 160 horsepower. The paperwork package supplied with the engine will include the STC for both the engine and airframe.

Norland Engine Conversion

In 2019 Aerotec Engines purchased the STC developed by Chris Bullerdick, founder of Norland Aircraft Services. At Aerotec Engines, we live and breathe the Norland conversions. As Norland experts, you can trust your engine upgrade in is safe hands.

To do this your O-470 engine must be exchanged for an IO-470 series, which is then modified according to the STC. The STC is for the use of the IO-470-D,-E,-F,-H,-M,-N or -S engine in a modified condition, that is, with the fuel injection system removed and replaced by the carburetion system that is original equipment on the O-470 engine. The IO-470 engine is a high compression version of your original O-470 , requiring 100LL fuel. There is no other change to the fuel system, engine mount, exhaust or cowls. We do not recommend the use of a 3-blade propeller because of the weight increase.

The propellers and governors currently on the Eligibility List and can be provided in a separate attachment upon request.

The IO-470 series engine produces 260 hp at 2625 rpm. Changing this injected engine to a carbureted engine has not reduced its power. The less efficient carburetor uses slightly more fuel at maximum power settings compared to the fuel-injected version. If you fly at your normal cruise speed you will use less fuel with our modified IO-470 than with your original engine.

We believe that the 260 hp engine is the very best value in power upgrades. You have all the equipment you need already and eliminating the fuel injection system means no hot start problems. All work performed in accordance with Continental’s recommendations.


  • Additional 30-40 horsepower
  • Your aircraft will takeoff using less runway, climb faster, cruise faster and be less expensive to operate on a per mile basis.
  • Utilizes existing engine mounts, baffling, exhaust and cowling. No airframe modifications required
  • No change in operation or maintenance procedure.
  • No hot start issues
  • Smoother running engine
  • Dramatically increase performance by giving you the capability of higher cruise speeds with a small increase in fuel consumption.
  • Reach your destination sooner
  • Flight tests have produced speeds up to 189 MPH using aircraft that do not have any airframe or speed modifications installed
  • Best value compared to all of the power upgrades available

XP470 engine Conversion (previously know as the PPONK conversion)

XP470 engineAerotec Engines is approved to perform the NorthPoint XP470 conversion which dramatically increase the performance of your aircraft by improving thrust and giving you the capability of higher cruise speeds with little if any increase in fuel consumption. The NorthPoint XP470 increases the engine displacement by 50 cubic inches and cylinders are equipped with 7.5 to 1 compression pistons which result in 35 to 45 HP increase over the stock O-470 engine. The NorthPoint XP470 engine utilizes your existing engine mount, baffling, exhaust and cowling. No additional airframe modifications are required and the additional weight of the engine is approximately +4 pounds. The NorthPoint XP470 installation includes installation of McCauley two and three blade propellers. Installation of the NorthPoint XP470 engines FAA approved on all Cessna 182, 182A through R Aircraft and Cessna 180, 180A through 180K Model Aircraft.

To create the NorthPoint XP470, we modify eligible stock  0-470 and 520 models. Although these engines require different modifications, the end result is the … the NorthPoint XP470. It will dramatically increase the performance of your aircraft by improving thrust, and giving you the capability of higher cruise speeds with little if any increase in fuel consumption. Being a carbureted engine, there is virtually no change in operation or maintenance procedure.

With the NorthPoint XP470, you can reach your destination sooner which means fewer hours on both your engine and airframe. Flight tests have produced speeds up to 189 MPH using aircraft that do not have any airframe speed modifications installed.

Electronic Ignitions

Certified Engines – We can supply or install the SureFly Ignition Module (SIM) which replaces one magneto – generally the left or impulse-coupled/starting magneto on most aircraft engines. Engines start better with no spark dwell, deliver a more consistent spark energy with higher accuracy than traditional magnetos which results in better fuel burn and better performance. No maintenance is required until 2400 hrs. 4 and 6 Cylinder SIM’s are available for Lycoming and Continental engines. Click here for more information.

Experimental Engines – For many years we have been installing EMags on our experimental engines. These also offer the benefit of a purpose-built electronic ignition, mated with a built-in permanent magnet alternator. E-MAGs automatically shift between the internal alternator and external (aircraft bus) power as needed – no operator action required. Click here for more information.

Cubcrafters Piper Super Cub STC’s

Cubcrafters offer a wide range of modifications for the Piper Super Cub and over the years we have used their STC’s to upgrade our customers engines.

160hp upgrade calls for a Lycoming O-320 that can be installed in a PA-18, -18S, 18 “105”, 18S “105”, 18A, 18 “125”, 18S “125”, 18AS “125”, 18 “135”, 18A “135”, 18S “135”, 18AS “135”, 18 “150”, 18A “150”, 18S “150” 18AS “150”, 19, 19S

Cubcrafters Mods/STC store

Supercubs North

For Super Cub lovers we also recommend checking out Supercubs North tail wheel suspension designed by Dan Dufault. Supercubs North have over 30 years of experience in aviation and for the last 10 years have been building and designing of experimental Supercubs.



Cygnet Aerospace IO-470 to IO-520 Engine Conversion STC SE02261CH

This STC allows the installation of IO520 cylinders on Continental IO470-C, D,E, F, G, H, L, M, N, R, S, V and VO engines.

One of the most economical ways to increase the performance of your IO-470 engines is to consider the IO-520 conversion available from Cygnet Aerospace. The conversion is limited to the original 260 hp by limiting manifold pressure until reaching about 2500 feet above sea level where wide open throttle operation is permissible.  The conversion increases TBO to 1700 hours while typically keeping the same propeller. Single engine conversions were not approved for McCauley propellers.  The STC is applicable to the following aircraft:

The STC’s below allow the installation of the above engines modified per the STC in these airframes.

  • Bonanza – J35 through P35, G33 STC SA02363CH
  • Baron – 55 through B55 STC SA02262CH
  • Cessna – C-310C through C310Q. STC SA02262CH

Cygnet Aerospace

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