Aerotec Engines is approved by Transport Canada

Aerotec Engines is an Approved Maintenance Organization by Transport Canada. AMO 6-96. We are an approved pursuant to CAR 573.02 for the maintenance of aeronautical products, and hold ratings in the following categories:

  • Components
  • Engines
  • NDT

We are authorized to perform maintenance on:

  • Lycoming opposed engines
  • Continental opposed engines
  • Engine components & Accessories

We are also authorized to inspect aeronautical products using the Non Destructive Testing techniques listed below

  • Liquid penetrant inspection
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Ultrasonic inspection

For a pdf copy of Transport Canada AMO certifications you are welcome to email a request to info@aerotecengines.ca

TCCA list of Approved AMO’s – Aerotec Engines

TCCA – FAA Bilateral Agreement

The Bilateral agreements between TCCA and the FAA allow Aerotec Engines to work on engines for our US customers. For the work performed a TCCA Form One will be issued to each engine and included in the paperwork package that comes with the engine.