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Feel free to contact us for additional information or to request a quote. Aerotec Engines stands ready to work with you on all your aircraft piston engine needs.

Become an Aerotec Engines Approved Service Centre

Aerotec Engines is proud to offer a worldwide network of Approved Service Centres that provides engine owners with a high quality of service and peace of mind when considering an engine overhaul.

Our Approved Service Centres assist customers with the removal, shipping, and re-installation of their aircraft engines, and can optionally offer additional technical services. As a Service Centre, you will provide the local point of contact for Aerotec Engines' customers.

There are many benefits to becoming an Approved Service Centre:
  • Free on-site training for your staff
  • Exposure and marketing for your business by Aerotec Engines
  • Membership in a reputable network of FBOs
  • No fees or cost of membership
To become an Aerotec Approved Service Centre, one of our representatives must first visit your business. We will audit your procedures to ensure they are compliant with our high standards of customer service, and our representative can also provide training for your staff and Aerotec Engines-branded signage for your shop.

Email us at info@aerotecengines.ca to express your interest in becoming an Aerotec Engines Approved Service Centre.


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